On-site visits and social activities

Visit the Offshore Windfarms

An on-site visit to the offshore windmill farms is one of the highlights of the Blue Growth Summer School. DAB VLOOT, is an agency of the Flemish government responsible for amongst other a smooth and safe shipping traffic. They will escort us safely to the offshore windfarms

TA presentation will be given including the nautical and technical operation of the ship, general information regarding the offshore sector and how the vessels are used for controlling oil pollution at sea.

foto wind farm

foto eating

Social activity – Visit to the Oesterput

Culinary treats should not be forgotten.

Get to know the history of the “Ostendaise Oyster” and how these and other crustaceans at the farm the “Oesterput” are cultivated.

This unique tour will end with a tasting session and dinner while enjoying the spectacular view over the oyster farm.

Maritime Tour in Ostend

The port of Ostend has been a wealthy city because of its fishing activities and trade since the early Middle Ages. Politically turbulent times, leading to several siegdes of the Port of Ostend has eventually lead to a long-term decline in fishing.

You will be submersed in this rich maritime history with a tour that shows us various maritime locations in Ostend such as:

→  Mercator

→  Museum ship Amandine

→  Visserskaai and Vissersplein

→  North Sea aquarium

and so many more locations

Put on your best shoes and let’s walk. Surprise activity afterwards (Belgian beers could be involved) ;)

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